Academic and Teaching Profile 

I am currently a lecturer in Media and Communications at the Birmingham School of Media at BCU. I teach primarily on the BA Media and Communications Studies programme (broad course), and I am module leader for The Media, Gender and Identity, Popular Culture and Studying the Media.

Current Modules: Studying Media and Communications, The Media, Gender and Identity, Popular Culture, Dissertations and Final Year Projects, Professional Media Practice.

CV with full career history available on request:

Areas of expertise:

  •  Alternative Femininities
  •  Burlesque Striptease, Performance Art, Clubbing Cultures
  •  Dirt, Disgust and Othering
  •  BDSM, Fetish and Kink
  •  Cultural Studies
  •  Body Modification
  •  Subcultures and Deviancy
  •  Gender, Sexuality, Queer Studies
  •  Ethnography and Qualitative Research
  •  Emotions, Positionality, Reflexivity

Areas of current research:

  •  The political potential of ‘kinky’ / subversive pro-sex and pro-women protests.
  •  ‘Other’ women and flexibly-queer communities of difference.
  •  The concept of the ‘bad’ girl.
  •  The ethics of ethnography.
  •  Sexuality and positionality in ethnographic research.

I am currently working on a proposal for my monograph ‘Bad Girls and Dirty Bodies.’

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